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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
what's the catch? 
30th-Oct-2003 03:43 pm
best email I've gotten all day!

Hi Joshua,

Speakeasy is kicking off its customer upgrade program,
affectionately called Turbo Shot: Upgrading your need for speed!
As part of our network and service upgrades, we're increasing
your circuit's speed at absolutely NO COST to you.

Your upgrade will occur during the month of February, 2004, and
we'll notify you via email 7 days in advance of your scheduled upgrade.

We will upgrade your service from 608/128 to 1.5/384 - all the
same great services complemented by an increased speed for the
same base monthly fee you pay now!  For more information on
this upgrade, including what to expect, how to test your new
speed and steps you should take if you have any connectivity
issues, please visit:


If you have any questions about improvements to your Speakeasy
service, please contact our dedicated Turbo Shot specialists at

We appreciate your business!

The Speakeasy Crew
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