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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
blah blah blah 
8th-Jul-2003 12:02 am
Wrapping up the end of my 4-day weekend.

Last night redarius came to hang out with me and do book stuff. He brought along kelrick (who is just the cat's meow). I sent Kel out to drink margaritas and ogle cute latin go-go boys while Ira and I did some book stuff. Later we all went and ate sushi, then saw Finding Nemo. The movie was fun, and Ellen did such a good job. Yay!

This morning Kel snuck off to get a flight home to TX while I slept in. Ira and I did some brunchy things before he went back to Sacto. I talked on the phone with a few friends, did boring things like laundry, and went and got a massage from my friend James.

I now hate the Haight. All my wonderful relaxation from the massage evaporated just standing on the street waiting for the bus. Ugh! And then the evil, lazy bus driver was cruel to me and took me to the wrong place and laughed at me instead of being helpful. When I asked her why she didn't tell me I was going the wrong place when she knew, she said, "I don't have to tell you nothing!" I wish there was a big DELETE button for people like that.

This evening I cooked dinner and tried to watch some tivo, but I couldn't get into anything. Then I was a good boy and wrote the first page of chapter 2 and sent if off to Ira for his turn. I think I'm getting better at opening lines. It's hard to write just a page when there are all these dangling ideas that want to be written down now dammit, but it's also nice to have a task that I know I can finish in under an hour.

I had a good weekend of fundraising for the AIDS Walk. People are so great about giving to a good cause. It will still take some work, but I should be able to get to $1000 this week. The harder part will be getting the team at work in action. I've had lots of training on how to do this kind of project stuff, but most of them haven't. Now I get to see if all those team leadership classes I took were worth the money.

Oh yeah, AT&T local service sucks donkey wangs. I'm switching back to SBC. Their voicemail won't even timestamp messages.

I'm going to read some more Kiln People and go to bed. Damn, I really want to be able to make dittos! They've got to be the best fictional invention ever!
8th-Jul-2003 06:35 am (UTC)
I love the concept too.
And I like the depth of terminology Brin created for everything... "dits" and "rigs" and such... and the different colors and usages for the different kinds...
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