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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
death by muni 
15th-Sep-2007 08:09 am
castro neon
Good morning, San Francisco. Thanks for the lovely bruise on my hip I obtained yesterday when that MUNI train lurched to a screeching halt with no warning.

Riding the subway downtown from Castro, approaching the Church St switch. I was standing at the mid-point of the car in the bendy part, not holding on to anything cause under ordinary circumstances I didn't need to. Then, with no warning, the train just stopped. It felt like we hit a wall. Suddenly the train was stopped, but I kept moving forward at my former velocity, a living demonstration of Newtonian physics in action. I managed to stop myself with some fancy footwork, but not before hitting my hip on a seat or nearly knocking over a man intersected by my momentum vector. We never found out what happened. Thanks, MUNI driver, for the total lack of announcement. We waited at the switch for a long time, during which a J Church train merged onto our track ahead of us. Then it was about a half hour slow crawl from there to Montgomery.

No more free-standing Josh on MUNI. Next time this happens I want a serious shoulder injury from hanging on to the stanchion and supporting my whole body's weight as it becomes airborne.
15th-Sep-2007 05:15 pm (UTC)
that happened to me the first year that I lived here. I was on my way home from the castro, and having quickly learned how to balance on moving vehicles, i usually opted not to hold on. The car came to a halt so fast, I was thrown to my knees. As I got up, at least two other people were sprawled on the floor. We never found out what happened. I now make sure that anyone i'm riding with is hanging on to something at all times.

On a similar note, I recently read that four of the twenty-some automobile related deaths this year were caused by muni drivers. They're getting worse.
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