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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
four eyes and then some 
11th-Jan-2006 07:50 pm
I went to see my optometrist for my annual-ish vision checkup. My distance vision is mostly unchanged, but I'm starting to get a bit of presbyopia, which usually hits the men in my family early. So now I need to get reading glasses. Never one to stop at merely enough, I ended up going totally overboard. My optometrist was pushing bifocals on me, but I hate not being able to see where I'm walking. So I am getting three sets of glasses. I've got my contact lenses which are fine for walking around. Along with them I'm getting a set of reading glasses to wear over the contacts, for when I'm at the office etc. Then I'm changing the prescription on me regular glasses but keeping my fab frames - I use them for wearing around instead of the contacts, which I mostly do when I'm at home watching TV or if I go somewhere where contacts would suck like getting a massage (an hour of closed eyes leaves contacts yucky). Then I've got reading glasses for when I'm not wearing the contacts, which I'll use mostly when I'm reading in bed. Yeah, it's silly and excessive, but that's me all over. Good thing I cranked up the flex spending plan this year.
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