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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
corteo impromptu 
27th-Dec-2005 11:27 pm
Had a nice lazy day today hanging out with saintmichael. We had lunch then watched a few hours of dvds - Cowboy Bebop is just starting to get interesting, and we're almost done with season one of Battlestar Galactica now.

I'd just finished dinner when I got a call from my friend Brian, right about 6:30pm...
B: Hey, are you free tonight?
J: Yes, what's up?
B: I have 2 extra tickets to Cirque du Soleil tonight. Want to come?
J: Sure! When is the show?
B: 8pm. I'll pick you up about 7ish.
J: Great! I'm ready now!

I tried to scare up a friend for the other spare ticket, but Brian found a taker first. So we zipped down to the big tent down on 3rd near the ballpark and got there with mucho time to spare. It turned out he had splurged for the best class tickets, so we got the whole VIP treatment with complimentary drinks and snacks and our own swanky lounge tent.

Our seats were just great. Close enough to see everything really well, not too close so you had to crane your neck. The only problem was the fucking drunks sitting behind us. They were talking really loud through the whole show. Finally James who was sitting next to me turned around and asked them to please be quiet. The guy got instantly belligerent and threatening. James said the guy should stop or he have him thrown out. So we spent the next 40 minutes listening to this guy yell at us and threaten to beat the shit out of us, and tell everyone around him who told him to be quiet to shut the fuck up, including the 14 year old girl sitting in front of us. At intermission we found an usher and explained the situation to her. He saw us talking to her and came over and threatened us again, then got in the ushers face too. Big surprise, he got thrown out.

Anyway, belligerent asshole drunks aside, the show was fantastic. With Corteo they backed off from the more complex story lines and preposterous costumes they've tried to make work in some of their other shows and concentrated on the stuff that sells tickets - flawless acrobatics and astounding stunt designs and choreography. There wasn't too much annoying clown stuff, the angel theme worked well, and the acrobatics were amazingly good. They did some stuff with spinning in rings that I'd never seen before, and the high flying act was literally breathtaking. There were some really fun numbers too, like the trampoline act that was done on tramps made up to look like beds with the acrobats dressed up in their pjs. I've only done a bit of circus stuff, but I've done enough to know that these guys were working really hard to make it look so easy.

Bestest fun time I've had in ages. Yay!
28th-Dec-2005 06:57 pm (UTC)
I really enjoyed watching that performance as well. I think the bed act was my favorite too.
28th-Dec-2005 07:26 pm (UTC)
I think my favorite act was the one with the two guys and the girl spinning in the hoops. It was so artful and amazing! The high-flying act was really good too. But I have to agree that the bedsprings act was the most fun of them all!
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