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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
happy friday 
23rd-Dec-2005 02:41 pm
Some random things...

My step-mom is in the hospital today. She had to go in yesterday for a bleeding duodenal ulcer and had to have surgery right away. She's doing well today and should be able to go home by tomorrow. I sent her some flowers.

I got some holiday cards today including an ultra-cute picture of my sister and all her kids, and also got a postcard from gamebratt that he sent when he was in Hawaii over a week ago. Stupid slow holiday mail! By the way, Brandon, let me know when you want to collect that massage.

I don't think I wrote about seeing the new Harry Potter and Narnia movies, but I've seen them both recently. They were both entertaining, and Tilda Swinton is amazingly good as the White Witch. What is up with the sexualizing of teenage boys in movies? I think Peter Pevensie was cuter (and thankfully the actor is legal, heh), but that scene with Harry Potter in the bath was a bit too much on the risque side.

Last night I went to kabuki spa with three friends. It was very crowded (45 minute wait to get in), but a really mellow group with no nasty trolls following any of us about. It was also a very cute night there, heh.

Since we were both working at home today, saintmichael and I went and got lunch at the new sandwich place next to Walgreens. It's called Zig Zag, but oddly they don't serve rolls or wraps.

Cue the lonely jew on xmas music... I'm looking forward to some quiet time over the next week. I'll work some on projects, do some cleaning around the house, and get my paperwork in order for taxes. Also going to watch a lot of dvds and see movies and do yoga (if my knee doesn't bitch at me too much) and hopefully give and get some massages. No plans for NYE yet - anyone have a line on a nice house party in the hood?
24th-Dec-2005 12:10 am (UTC)
Sometime next week. . .tues or wed? I dont kind of chanukah plans you have this week. If i remember correctly you have as many Chanukah plans as i have x-mas plans: none.
24th-Dec-2005 01:19 am (UTC)
My jew friend is having a Chanukah party next Friday. Oy to the world!
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