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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
backwards, but not in high heels 
14th-Nov-2005 10:26 am
Last night was a new first for me. I finally gave in and let saintmichael take me out two-stepping. Every Sunday night the Sundance Saloon has two-stepping down in the dance space on Barneveld. They have free lessons at 5:30, then regular dancing starts around 7pm.

Since it was my first time, we went early for lessons. We warmed up with a waltz, then I got to learn the basic two-step. It's a slow, slow, quick-quick shuffle in 3/4 time - 1/4, 1/4, 1/8, 1/8. Also learned half turns and a spin. I only learned the follow part, since leading is harder. After all that, they taught us a line dance called the Honky-Tonk Twist. Damn, I haven't had to learn choreography in years!

One of the nicest things about the night was how sociable everyone was there. Part of the social norm at these things is that when someone asks you to dance, unless there is a good reason to say no, you say yes. Acceptable reasons to say no are, "I'm catching my breath", "I promised this dance to someone else", and "I have to go to the bathroom". Also, there are a lot of regulars there. The last guy I danced with (a really cute guy and good dancer) had been coming up from San Jose every Sunday for over two years. Most people there seemed to know most other people, which can be good or bad, but it seemed pretty nice.

During one of the advanced lessons when Michael and I were hanging out watching, I got to chat up a cute guy, tall and dirty blond, very clean-cut looking. He'd been watching Michael and I dance during the lessons, so I said hi. We ended up out on the floor learning the line dance together and laughing at each other tripping over our own feet. Later we did a two-step or two - he was nice to dance with, a good leader. When he left for the night he made sure to come find me to say goodnight, and gave me a politely intimate kiss on the neck. Big points for that!

My feet are so sore today! I danced a whole heck of a lot. I couldn't keep up with some of the faster dances or the swing or shadow dances, but the rest of the night I danced most of the two-steps. I even did the line dance I'd learned in class earlier (and acquitted myself admirably). I got asked to dance by a lot of guys too. Anytime I wasn't dancing, I could count on someone asking me for a dance. It was nice to feel so young and cute for a change, haha. I'm just glad I have pretty good rhythm (especially for a jewboy) and could keep my footing without tripping up too much. I guess I'll go back and do it some more - I want to get good enough to do some of the more advanced moves, they look like fun.

Public service advisory: Line dancing involves standing face-to-face at close range with your partner. Chewing gum or breath mints are a good thing.
14th-Nov-2005 08:20 pm (UTC) - reasons...
...which leads me to my question... can you refuse a dance because someone has bad breath? What qualifies as a "good reason"? "I'm sorry... your width should be proportional to your height... not equal to it?" "I'm sorry... but I don't think I could hold my breath for the amount of time I would be required to deal with yours." "I'm sorry... but you're taller than me, and although showering with someone can be very hot, I'm just not into sweat."

Would any of these be acceptable? ;)
14th-Nov-2005 09:46 pm (UTC) - Re: reasons...
From what I was told, no. An old hand there told me that if you are physically able to dance, you should accept an offer. But after dancing with someone once, you aren't obligated to dance with him a second time. I guess the thing is that this isn't a circuit party and all about how people look. I danced with a couple guys I would never have danced with out at a club like Fresh or Mezzanine, and they were both good dancers and a lot of fun so it wasn't a problem at all. I think what it comes down to is that there is no expectation beyond dancing, and people are there to dance.

Every front has a back though. You may have to dance with some guys you wouldn't really want to, but then you get to dance with almost anyone you care to ask.
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