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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
happy friday 
7th-Oct-2005 10:42 am
I've been quite the slacker about updating my LJ. Things I've missed:

Last Saturday I went to see Serenity with saintmichael and his hubby. I liked the movie a whole heck of a lot. I can't imagine seeing it without having seen the whole series first though.

Sunday was the Castro Street fair. The weather went from being so-so to nice, but it was never great. I also don't think it was as well attended as in past years. I was sorta bored most of the time, since I was mostly wandering around on my own. I did run into salacious_pop and hung out with him for a bit which was fun - he's good for ogling cute boys with. I also ran into a guy I met like 5 years ago when he was 18 and a calendar model. Some people are at their cutest at 18, but he's gotten way hotter since then. I'm glad to see that other people can age well too :-) He's moving to a place just a half block down the street from me in a few weeks. It's always nice when the cuteness quotient of the neighborhood goes up.

Work has been weird. We got reorged last week and the dust has yet to settle. I expect a few cascade reorgs over the next month or two.

Last night I went with my friend Chris to Kabuki spa. We've been wanting to go there together for ages, and finally found a night that worked for both of us. It was a really good night there - not too crowded (no wait list to get in!), no creepy old men following us around staring at our goods, and plenty of space to sit in the sauna and do my yoga. Even though I haven't been doing it regularly, I was able to do some good asanas. Maybe I'll be able to do full pigeon again someday. Afterward we went and got udon and sashimi for dinner. Yum.

Then I zipped home to find a redarius hanging out in my guest room. He slept over so he could be fresh for his 8am meeting in SF today. It's always nice to have him around the house. If I can get him to stay over again tonight, we're going to do some damage in the Castro. Be warned.

This weekend is Fleet Week in SF. Sailors everyhere, yay. Also the Blue Angels will be rattling windows all over town with their high-speed, low-altitude fly-overs.

I'm thinking about going on a yoga retreat for a weekend later this month. Probably a good thing for me to do to recover from NY.

Friday, it's like a holiday every week.
7th-Oct-2005 06:01 pm (UTC)
I know redarius has had a visceral and high stress week at work.. if he'd rather unwind w/ little company, I totally understand.

If you two are game, give me a call; I'd love to snag a drink or 3 with you.
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