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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
titanic morality 
27th-Sep-2005 02:58 pm
I've been enjoying the new seasons of Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans. JLU is doing some cool stuff, letting characters grow and change. But TT really impressed me this past episode.

"Homecoming" focused on the character Beast Boy (look at my userpic!), first looking to his days with the Doom Patrol, then the current-day fallout of his past actions. What impressed me most was the maturity with which the show addressed difficult issues and morality. I've been noticing that TT doesn't always wrap up with a uniformly happy ending, and this episode is another one with a mixed conclusion. Beast Boy is faces with an incredibly difficult decision, and no way to know which way he should choose. In the end, he makes the only choice he can live with. It may not be the right choice, but it's the human choice.

If I had a kid, I'd so want him/her to watch this show. It's about eight million orders of magnitude more sophisticated than the usual cartoon crap.
2nd-Oct-2005 11:59 pm (UTC)
I dont know which is geekier, that you philosophize about TT or that i TOTALLY get it and TiVo it all the time.
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