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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
waste of time = complete 
30th-Aug-2005 09:55 pm
Yes, I feel petty bitching about my problems that have nothing to do with a natural disaster. I feel really bad for everyone who's life got messed up by Katrina. I mean I'm really upset by this. But I don't live in the path of a hurricane and I have my own crap to deal with.

I spent a lot of time last night and today researching a replacement fridge. It looks like I'll have to go for a top-freezer model, instead of the bottom-freezer I was wanting. I could get a bottom-freezer model but it would be tiny. For some reason the top-freezer models come wider.

I zipped down to Sears to check things out in person. I waited around for a loooong time until the sales guy finished listening to the frantic housewife tell him all her problems at home and gave her a number to call so she could repeat the sad tale to someone else tomorrow. We looked at options and found a good model that I liked. Since I had spastically left my wallet at home I couldn't buy one on the spot even if I wanted to, but I figured I should come home and do some comparison shopping first. Good thing that, because the model he helped me pick out only hinges on the right side. Gods above, below and behind! Who makes a fridge that doesn't come in a left-hinge model? Kenmore, for one.

Now I'm back to square one, though I'll be looking for top-freezer models instead this time. I just hope I don't dent my table banging my head on it so much.
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