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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
close to perfect 
10th-Jul-2005 03:53 pm
Yesterday was super. My friends M&M had one of their wonderful summer pool parties, up in the hills above Santa Cruz. I drove down with my friend KC - always good to have company on a long drive, and M&M appreciate when I bring good people along. I was going to bring my friends Chris and Ben too (they would have been a big hit), but they had something come up and couldn't come. But the party was full of old friends, and I got to spend some good time catching up with a bunch of people I hadn't seen in far too long. Also met a few new folks, including a SF couple I'll probably see more of.

SF weather was yucko, but the Santa Cruz mountains were just gorgeous. Blue sky, warm but not too hot, nice gentle breeze. We showed up around 1pm, among the first to arrive. The pool was just perfect - warm enough to stay in for hours, full of floaty toys and cute boys, heh. I discovered Mike's Hard Lemonade makes a really good slushie, and you're never to old to enjoy a good chicken-fight. Note: re-apply sunscreen after someone sits on your shoulders and rubs it all off.

Why is there always one stupid faggot who thinks it's cool to bring his uptight girl friend to a pool party that is all gay guys? She kept freaking out and being weird, completely put off by the usual comfort level gay men have for being ourselves in private. Sigh.

Speaking of uptight, navyboy showed up. I took him down to this same party last year. So even though he's not talking to me cause he's being infantile, he felt it was fine to come to this party that is full of people I've known for years and spend the whole time talking to my friends but refusing to even so much as say hello to me.

After eating dinner I sat in the hottub with a few other guys and just chilled out and looked out at the valley full of beautiful trees and greenery. We left for home just as the light was completely gone, and made such good time on the drive that it took barely more than an hour to get back to SF. The caffeine from the Coke I drank after dinner kept me up nicely for the drive home, but then I couldn't get to sleep until after 1am. Good thing tivo had some toons for me to watch.
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