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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
pride recap 
27th-Jun-2005 12:29 pm
This weekend has been fun, and amazingly enough I didn't overdo it. I guess I've learned to pace myself. It's about time!

It's been nice having doubleedge visiting. And as always it was great to have redarius and cutenyeboi come stay over too. Pink Saturday street party was decent, though the fine mist and chilly breezes were far from ideal. I kept running into people I hadn't seen in ages and that was cool I got to see them. Oh yeah, despite kuteluvr's statements, I didn't see any nudity up on his fire escape. No good window shows at all this year. The cute slutty latino boy (who's name is probably Joey) who lives above Walgreens and put on the show with this big cowboy friend last year, this year was not to be seen at all. I called it a night around midnight and left the boys with a set of keys and went home and got to bed at a reasonable hour.

Pride day we had a relaxed morning watching the parade on TV, went to Bagdad Cafe for a late brunch, then went down to Civic Center to check out the festival. It was much better weather than I'd been dreading, though I would have preferred a few degrees warmer. It was a big crowd, and there were certainly a lot of cuties about. I have no idea who was the headliner this year - I guess I don't care! After about 2 hours of wandering about and seeing old friends and flirting with cute boys and getting jostled by hefty lesbians, we realized it was time to go to beat the MUNI rush.

We bopped back to the Castro and it was only 4:30 so we stopped in at the Cafe to have a drink. As much as the lesbians hate Phil B for turning the Cafe from a girl bar to a boy bar, it was a very girly bar that day. Lots of boys, but I think more than half the crowd was lesbians, and many of them were hot lesbians. There was one who was so hot that redarius and I kept staring at her abs and thinking bad thoughts. But I did manage to meet a cute boy, and gave him my number. Given my track record in the past year I don't know why I expect him to, but I'm hoping he'll call.

We wrapped up the day back at home where I made pasta for dinner.

sotm: Who wants wine?
redarius: Not me, I'm done drinking. I'll fall asleep driving home if I have anything else to drink.
sotm: Who else? I've got a bottle of red open.
redarius: Oh, if it's already open I'll have some.

I took today off work so I'd have a recovery day. doubleedge and I are going to go to Kabuki spa to hang out for the afternoon.
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