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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
kid stuff 
13th-Jun-2005 07:55 am
I just flew in from back East and boy are my arms tired. Actually, all the rest of me is tired too. Jetlag sucks.

I spent a long weekend back in my home town in PA with my sisters, their kids, and my mom. I stayed at my younger sister's place, for maximum kid time. She has 3 kids ranging in ages from 2 to 8, and they are just darling and adorable. I wish I lived closer to them, cause I do like being the uncle. My mom said I was really good at it too:
[Your sister] and I simply glowed watching you with the kids--your instincts are perfect; your tone of voice is perfect; your amazing sense of apportioning attention is perfect...

I guess everything I've learned managing software engineers paid off!

I swam with the kids in the pool and tossed them about. I taught them that the correct way to wake me was to jump on the bed and bounce around. I played video games and cards with the eldest - he's a smart one! I watched the one in kindergarten play t-ball, which was about the silliest game ever invented but gosh she was cute out there on the pitcher's mound and she even made a good play and got someone "out". I sat on the kitchen floor with the 2 year old and help her open pea pods so she could pick out the peas. And one afternoon we all went to eat ice cream and I found out how many napkins are required for a 2 year old to eat a soft serve cone (17).

Travel was mostly fine, with one big mishap. I was flying first class on United, thanks to a promotion they had last year. I got a coupon for a "first class" trip, which means "business class" on a 3-cabin plane. That part was ok. But I checked my flight's departure time online using the Dashboard widget in Tiger, and it was WRONG! It told me my flight was delayed (since it was raining in Chicago that made sense), and since I was in such a rush that morning I didn't take the time to double check but trusted it. So I showed up 15 minutes later than I would have at SFO to find they had given away my seat. After a few minutes of fuck-it-all ranting, I got to talk to an agent there who put me on a flight through Denver that got me in about midnight.

First class travel is the way it's supposed to be. The seats are big enough to actually get comfortable. The food is edible. But more interesting to me, the people in first class will talk to each other. There is a certain relaxed attitude I find lacking in coach travel - people are comfortable enough that they aren't competing for space, so it's ok to let your guard down and say hi, or ask a question, or just be polite. I wish I could afford to fly that way all the time!

This week is going to kick my ass I think. So much changed last week, and I have a lot to catch up on. Good thing I'm still time-shifted and am waking up early and have a head start!
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