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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
lovely thoughts 
30th-May-2005 03:43 pm
Wow, what a nice weekend this turned out to be. I'm all relaxed and mellow now, in the best mood I've been in for months.

Friday involved dinner and drinks. Wheee. I had dinner with msminpdx and his friend KK who just moved here to SF. We ate thai food, then MSM and I took KK on a Castro bar crawl. We hit the Cafe, the Bar, the Mix, Moby Dick, did a peek-in on Midnight Slum, and a walkthrough of the Pendulum. I didn't get too tipsy, good thing too.

Saturday was, oh let me think, pretty quiet during the day. Did a little shopping, and since my birthday was this month I got a free frequent buyer card at Body Shop. Had dinnner with navyboy at Asqew, the new skewer place where Josie's used to be before that un-memorable whatever place was there, then we went to see Madagascar with saintmichael. Good funny movie, though not as emotionally engaging as some other animated pieces like Shrek and Nemo.

Sunday it warmed up enough to go out to the beach, so I went with my friend MnM to talk his dog for a walk. Now I have tan lines on my feet and ankles from the Teva straps! When I got back I went off with MSM and KK to get dinner with some of MSM's friends, and while we were walking there saintmichael called so I invited him to join us. The six of us had a moi yummy dinner at Lime, the most NYC place in the Castro. After dinner MSM and KK and I came back to my place and M and I swapped some tunes (shhh!) and then we watched some (don't laugh) Madonna vids on dvd, cause they hadn't seen them before. I got to bed early enough to wake up refreshed even.

Today was a big deal. My first yoga class in ages. My eye is now feeling good and my over energy is up enough to handle yoga. I just made sure not to invert. The class was a good level for me, but man am I out of shape! I need to adjust my schedule so I can do yoga classes 2-3 times a week at least. Fingers crossed.

I just ate a nice healthy lunch and am listening to some of my new tunes. I might go for a walk, or just lay down for a little nap. That's what days off are for!

Oh yeah, sometime in the last week my DirecTiVo got upgraded with the new software that lets you organize shows in folders. Nice! But it forgot all my favorite channels so I have to go enter them again. How boring is that?
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