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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
19th-May-2005 11:41 pm
I've spent the week wanting to kick things. I need one of those buttons I once saw that said in really small print so you had to get up close to read it, "I lash out and strike people at random." I haven't felt at all like writing, or much of anything else really. I've had a headache most of the week that I guess is part of the eye deal.

The good news is things seem to be getting better now.

I've been on call this week for jury duty. The bastards finally called me in today, and put me in the pool for an asbestos trial. In San Francisco, an asbestos trial is the worst jury duty you can pull. It often runs over a month, and the trial is boring as shit and full of mind-numbing testimony from expert witnesses about the potential health risks of inhaling asbestos fibers. I was actually interested in sitting on a jury on Monday, but I guess that gypsy curse is working over time, cause fuck me I get to show up at court at 9am on my birthday. Why? Because the judge is a mean old bastard.

Last night I got the worst headache of my life and wanted to rip my face off, and I'm sure it was because of the eye thing. So I had to go see the eye doc again today to make sure my retinas weren't turning to cabbage or something. But first I had to schlep down to the courthouse in the rain and it was so muggy out and I stupidly wore my warm raincoat that I arrived with my shirt soaked with sweat. Yeah, ewww. The judge came down to the assembly room and spent a few minutes telling us what life would be like for the next month or more for the people not lucky enough to get excused from duty. Now, there is no way anyone would impanel me on an asbestos jury. I just spent 4 years suing my condo developer for construction defects, my father is a doctor, and I'm more freaked out about health issues than any other non-hypochondriac I know. There is zero chance I'll end up on that jury. But I didn't want to go in tomorrow morning to have them tell me that, cause I'm going to see Star Wars with guys from work at the noon show (yay work for being cool). But the judge wouldn't let me sick out, even after I explained that I still have episodes that require me to drop everything and see the eye doctor immediately cause I'm in danger of my retina detaching. I might have been able to handle a 2 day trial starting on Monday, but there's no way I can handle a 4 week trial - I would absolutely have to miss a day somewhere, so what's the point? The judge said if that happened he'd dismiss me and replace me with an alternate. So I guess if my retina is detaching I'll just go to the courthouse and tell the nice judge I'm having a medical issue so can I be excused please? Tell me what the point in that is.

So I went to see the retinal specialist. Finally, something worked out nice. I got navyboy to drive me so it was easy getting there. There was no wait there, even though I had no appointment. The staff there are totally cool and know their stuff, and I always feel well taken care of. Best of all, my retina seems to be a little improved, explosive facial headaches aside. The doc wrote me a nice note very firmly telling the judge I'd be unable to sit on a jury for a trial of any duration. So if they don't send me home due to my questionnaire, I'll be able to sick out. Legally they have to let me go with a note like that.

While I was waiting for navyboy to come pick me up I hung out at Borders, and snagged a few books. I got the His Dark Materials trilogy which I've been meaning to get for over a year. I would have picked up Dan Simmons' Ilium, but it's not out in paperback until July. Instead I grabbed some Greg Bear and Greg Egan books with unmemorable titles. That should keep me for a while.

Even though I keep wanting to kick things (like heads and asses), my spirit has lifted somewhat this week. Maybe it's cause my eye isn't freaking me out all the time. Maybe it's because I've been forcing myself to get more sleep. Maybe it's just about time.

I'm looking forward to birthday tomorrow. Star Wars matinee, and dinner with some friends. I'll post an update about it this weekend. Thanks to everyone who posted me early birthday wishes. You guys are so sweet :-)
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