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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
19th-Apr-2005 10:32 am
I've been lax about updating lately, so I have a bit to catch up on.

Last week I spent 3 days in Atlanta for work. The trip was exhausting, and I was fighting off a sore throat/cold the whole time. The flight out was annoying as hell - I sat in a middle seat and the guy in the window seat spent the whole flight asleep with his shoulder and arm intruding into my seat space. At least I had thought to bring my own DVDs to play on my PowerBook. Oh yeah, the flight was delayed 1.5 hours. Other than that it was ok. If you can call being held immobile in a cramped space for 5 hours ok.

The days I spent in Atlanta were productive and I got a lot of work done. I still don't exactly understand the point of my job (being a manager is weird), but apparently I do it well. *shrug* As a bonus I got to see kissthehippy and have dinner with him and get to hang out and talk and we didn't even get caught in the rain. I love hanging out with Ryan - he's so smart and thoughtful and has that thing we call grace. Once again we didn't have time to do yoga, but I'm hoping one of these trips we'll work it into my schedule.

The weekend was ok. It took me a bit to recover from the trip and the sore throat I'd been fighting for the whole week. I also got a pain in my neck from the travel. But I got to hang out with saintmichael on Friday and we even got a surprise new episode of Enterprise for our otherwise barren sci-fi night.

Sunday afternoon I went shopping - did a raid on Old Navy and got cheap kick-around clothes. I got a shirt for under $4 - I wonder if I'll be able to wear it 4 times before it disintegrates. Then I bopped over to the Apple store and a cute and helpful employee showed me how amazing Second Life looks on a G5 with a 30" LCD. WOW! I also checked out prices on Photoshop - $650!!! Then I remembered I have friends who work at Adobe and they can get it for me at a substantial discount, like $40. Then I found out a new version was just announced and will be available next month. Woe is me, I have to wait!

Sunday night I had dinner with my friend Doug. We ate sushi and teriyaki at Osaka, and I had nigori sake in a masu cup, which is like a small, square box filled to overflowing that is impossible to sip without spilling. It's supposed to indicate the host's regard for the guest by giving them the most possible. After dinner we stopped by the Cafe but didn't want to stay, so we went to Cafe Flore to get coffee and tea. Surprise! Cafe Flore now has a festive Sunday evening thing with drag waitresses, a DJ, disco balls, and 70s disco music. It was a great place to hang out. I even ran into this cute guy I'd met 2 summers ago, and he was with his cute bf (dang!) and some friends and we all sat down and chatted for a while and cute boy and I talked about passover plans to the confusion and dismay of all the goyim.

Yesterday I got a massage to help work out the kinks from travel. It was a good massage, which I wasn't sure it was going to be cause he was a new guy. When I got home I ate lemon pudding I'd made from a mix that uses silken tofu. It was pretty good. Yay pudding, it's almost as good for the soul as pie.
19th-Apr-2005 07:41 pm (UTC)
Those cute Apple Store boys. :)
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