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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
back-from-the-dead bingo 
4th-Feb-2005 09:00 am
Last night was the return of Badabingo. I got tix in advance for navyboy and myself, but salacious_pop decided he'd come too late for me to get them for him. So he and his friend Brandon had to buy tix at the door. Since I wanted to get a seat at a table and to get space for all four of us to sit together, I walked the 2 blocks to the church and got in line at 5:30. I was the 2nd person in line, and a minute later there were 3 people waiting behind me. Everyone lined up going north along the street, and by 6:30 there were a LOT of people. I had tried to get in line going south on the street since I had a ticket, but the other people wouldn't move up that way so I said fine I'll stand with you people.

Now, this was the first Badabingo since June, so I guess they were a bit spastic about setting things up. They didn't even open the doors until 7:15, and we didn't start playing until nearly 8:00. But the confusion was really annoying this time. They sell regular and VIP tickets, and VIP get to enter first and get the best seats, like a first-class ticket. So around 6:30 they took the one line and told us where I was standing was wrong and all ticket holders should move to the south where I had wanted to stand originally. Now, there were already about 10 people lined up on the south side of the door, but I thought they were VIPs, so I got in line behind them. After a while I asked one of them if he was a VIP and he said no. I asked him how he got in line ahead of me and he said he just got in line. I said I'd been there since 5:30 and used to be 2nd in line and the guys behind me were all there before him too so it would be decent of him to move back in line so we could be assured of getting the seats we should get since we showed up so early. He told me he didn't cut and where did I get off insinuating he'd done anything wrong. I said he hadn't done anything wrong but it would still be decent to not take advantage of the confusion. Of course, having been standing in line for over an hour I wasn't in the best mood so I was slightly snippy, but I don't think I was out of line (no pun intended). He told me if I had a problem to go talk to a Sister, so I did. She moved navyboy and me up to the front of the line, problem solved. But I just can't stand that fucking attitude that just because he lucked out and happened to be standing in the right place and the Sisters overlooked it that he was entitled to not only cut ahead of me in line but that he could get indignant toward me when I tried to correct it. The guys ahead of him had no problem with us moving up, they were just fine with it. This may seem like a small thing, but bingo gets really crowded and usually the VIPs take up ALL the tables and I hate sitting on the chairs on the wall and damn it I was there a half hour before he showed up and I should get the better seat thank you. If the situation had been reversed I would have done the right thing (I'm not just saying that, I've done that sort of thing in the past).

Anyway, the night was pretty fun, though not as madcap as past bingos. No one got a makeover, no one had to take off his shirt, and the beatings were very low key. Once again I didn't win a damn thing. But the SF Gay Men's Chorus performed which was very cool. I got a nasty headache for the 2nd half of bingo which made it hard to concentrate. I guess navyboy had the same problem because he actually won a $250 bingo but didn't notice it until too late to claim his prize.

Next time I think I'll get VIP tix and just avoid the mess. It would be fun to go with a big group too.
5th-Feb-2005 09:58 pm (UTC)
I'd go with you!
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