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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
asking for trouble 
18th-Jan-2005 08:37 am
I seem to be insane.

You know how all us tech geeks end up our family's de facto tech support person? And the lengths we'll go to to avoid support-type questions? Well, I've now put myself in a situation where I am my family's official tech support guy.

My new webhosting provider (www.dreamhost.com) has such a sweet deal that I got a domain just for use by my family. I'm going to set up everyone in the clan with email, and I can give them web pages and blogs too if they want. (My family is so clueless. Everyone is responding to my announcement email by asking "what is a blog?".) I figure we can set up a family picture gallery and scan in all the old photos from my grandma's album. My cousin will love doing that.

Oh well, I figure it won't be too much work. If it is, I'll get my 16yo niece who is a computer whiz to be our tech-support rep.

By the way, check out the sweet deals at DreamHost:
If you sign up, use my personal domain as a referral and I get a small credit. If you don't know it, email me and I'll let you know.
18th-Jan-2005 05:07 pm (UTC)
The computer conversations I had with my family were always very stressful for me because they ask my advice and then don't listen. And they know next to nothing about the subject. They're getting better

21st-Jan-2005 05:33 am (UTC)
Yes, you are in fact insane.

I am too, though, so you're not alone.

Spent 30 minutes on the phone troubleshooting connectivity issues with my sister last weekend. Something seemed to be jacked up with her network prefs. FInally gave up and drove down there...doing it over the phone is hard for me. Got there and *I* couldn't get on the network either.

DUH. Power cycled the DSL modem and the network came right back.

Mom's iBook screen went out last month. Not wanting her to have to go without a computer for a few weeks I cloned her system onto a backup computer I keep and lent it to her whilst handling the repair for her as well.

Yes. I am insane too,
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