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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
family day 
1st-Dec-2004 10:42 pm
I woke up at 6am to receive my youngest sister, her husband and kids. They were flying back from Hawaii to Pittsburgh and had a 6 hours stopover here in SF. So they came to my place for a little nap, and then I cooked them french toast for breakfast and sent them back to the airport. I had been up late cleaning, so I had only about 5 hours sleep. It's been a tired day.

Then this evening I went out for dinner with my cousin Steven, who is in town on business. Steven was my closest cousin growing up, as he's only 6 months younger than me. We had a great talk over dinner, which actually got quite frank about sex. Straight guys can be so amusing. He's certainly not homophobic or intolerant, but oy was he clueless about a lot of shit. Anyway, the food was excellent (Lime is yummy), and then we got dessert next door at Sweet Desperations.

Now I'm beat, and I have to be up early again tomorrow for work stuff. Woe is me. I think I'm going to spend all day Saturday in the bath so I can get some rest.
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