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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
28th-Nov-2004 10:50 pm
I finally went and bought a new vacuum cleaner for the house. When kuteluvr moved out and took his, I was left without a decent vacuum for the place. I've been making do with my old crappy one, but I finally went out and replaced it today. I ended up spending around $350 (thanks for the 20% discount, Bed Bath & Beyond!) and getting one of those killer new Dyson bagless vacuums. It's just amazing. It sucks like an altar boy. It edges like a skate punk on crystal. The hose reaches over 15 feet up the stairs. It has the most killer high-speed conversion from push-around to hose-around - I feel like I'm a federation sniper assembling my phase rifle to take out a dominion spy. And it is yellow.

29th-Nov-2004 03:53 am (UTC)
Interesting analogies.

they should use them in thier advertising.
29th-Nov-2004 09:48 am (UTC)
i'm ramping up to start writing again, so i'm doing simile calisthenics in my journal to get in shape.
29th-Nov-2004 01:58 pm (UTC) - hehehehe
I always liked things that suck! hope it works well my mom was complining she can't find one that sucks enough.
29th-Nov-2004 06:10 pm (UTC)
Looks like a taxi and a rocket had a child.
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