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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
where has our hero been? 
6th-Oct-2004 01:37 am
I've been a total slacker about journalling the last month or so. And I was doing so well too. So what have I been up to?

Last week was moderately crazed. I had to go to LA for a couple days for a training thing at work, which was pretty interesting and actually fun, but it was 2 long days of not being able to do my usual stuff which got all piled up. But things are getting pretty interesting, I just wish that I had a better grasp of all the weird politics at work.

Also, as luck would have it, my dad's birthday party was Friday night. He had a huge party and all my sisters flew out from back east for the festivities. I got to play the cool uncle with my nephew and nieces, which was so much fun. I gave the little one some Miyazaki anime - the 6yo niece got Kiki's Delivery Service (one of her favorites), and the 8yo nephew got Castle in the Sky, which he started watching while I was there and seemed to really like it. But of course he would, cause he seems to take after me in a lot of ways - he's only in 2nd grade, and he's already an expert on just about everything! I got to talk about boys with my 18yo niece who just moved to LA for college, which was fun though I haven't gotten the nerve to ask her if she's still a virgin. And I danced with my 16yo niece at the party. I danced with my sisters too, and that was so much fun. Though when I was dancing to Brick House I tweaked my knee which ended the dancing for the night. That's what I get for asking my knees to dance like I was 15 again. No big deal though, it's already all better.

The party was really quite impressive. My step-mom did 2 dance numbers with a friend who was a dance instructor. She used to dance professionally, so she's rather good. It was one of those things that would have been totally embarrassing, except that the dancing was good and they had enough style to make you overlook that she was performing for a captive audience. A couple of us got up and said some nice things about my dad, and I think he cried a couple times. It's kind of amazing how my dad evokes that kind of thing. All my sister's weddings have been like that, with lots of eloquent and heartfelt words about loved ones. My dad's testimonials just blew all that away. It was almost like watching a movie, it was so different from what you normally expect to see at a party. My sisters and I each said a piece too, and we had to keep it brief so I didn't prepare anything, I just said a bit about how proud I was of him and how I wouldn't have gotten this far in life without him.

What I really wanted to say was to tell a story about him crashing my birthday party a few years ago. It was too long to tell there, and I didn't want me outing myself to be an issue at his party, so I restrained myself. But I'll share it with you here.

It was, let's see, my birthday four years ago. I had invited my sister and her girlfriend up from LA for the weekend, and also a good (and totally fabulous) friend of my dad's who lives here in the bay area - I'll call her C. When I invited C, she immediately called my dad and told him he and my step-mom should come up and crash my party with her. So I'm having this fun little party, about half my friends and about half people I don't know who came with friends. My sister arrives, and close on her heels are C and my dad and his wife, bearing ice, tequila and margarita mixers. Turns out C makes a mean margarita, and she ended up being the life of the party. All gay boys just love her, she's so fantabulous. My friends couldn't quite believe that my parents were there, and how cool and fun they were.

Then my dad says he wants to give me my present. Now, I need to digress and give some background. My father is a doctor by trade, but he's also a bit of a poet. I grew up listening to him recite poetry as my bedtime stories - Casey at the Bat, Ballad of East and West, etc. And he writes poems on special occasions. So all my sisters got poems at their weddings, which my father read at the reception. Since I've never married or anything like that, I never got a poem, and had kind of given up hope that I'd ever get one.

So my step-mom hands me a package in gift-wrap, about the size of a spiral notebook. I open it to find a picture frame, and in it a printed poem by my father, for me. I didn't know what to say, it was about the last thing I expected. Then my dad pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket and starts reading my poem aloud. Bastard made me cry in front of all my friends.

Afterward, one of the boys who had come along with a friend came up to me and asked if my dad would adopt him, cause his family wouldn't talk to him anymore since he came out. I had been a bit embarrassed at having my dad being all sappy like that in front of all those people, but I realized how rare and precious it is that I have a father who show's me that kind of love, acceptance and support, and doesn't even worry about hiding it and keeping it private. I think I'm very lucky to have such a great dad.
6th-Oct-2004 10:51 am (UTC) - Aww
that's a cute story =)
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