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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
24th-Sep-2004 10:28 pm
This week has been all over the map. Stuff at work has heated up, and I'm busier than ever. That's actually a good thing. I've gotten involved in a cool new project that's quite interesting. I'm hoping it will give me a chance to show at bit more of what I can do.

But I'm glad the week is over. I'm having mixed feelings about this Folsom St. weekend. It looks like the weather will be awesome, so it's likely I'll get over my disgust of the event and wander down to the street fair on Sunday, if only to see what I'd be missing. In the mean time, the town is crawling with horny tourists. I'm scared!

The cute boy from NYC is constantly misplacing his phone, so we haven't talked in a couple weeks. He keeps sending me adorable emails though. As much as I'm terrified by the thought of trying to seriously date someone who's not old enough to rent a car, we seem to get along great and the mutual attraction is obvious. If he gets himself moved out here to SF sometime soon, there's no telling what kind of trouble I'm likely to get into.

I got a new session of bodywork this afternoon. That is, I'd never had that particular session done on me. It was all about hips, and oh boy did my hips get some deep work. I kept repeating to myself what my old yoga teacher used to say: Open hips are the foundation of spiritual achievement. And now I feel ready to don a white linen robe and go chant the moon down from the sky.

My mood the last several days has been quite silly. I don't know what's come over me. Maybe I'm just excited I'm going to get to see all of my sisters next weekend. Yay!
25th-Sep-2004 03:17 am (UTC)
> In the mean time, the town is crawling with horny tourists

not seeing a downside yet....
25th-Sep-2004 09:52 am (UTC)
If you head down to the fair remember to take a bottle of water. Remember the year we went down and couldn't get water? That sucked! I guess I was more distressed than the others since I was in a "no beer" phase and was needing to take some meds.

Anyway, hope that you have fun and get to see lots of hotties -- the attractive kind, not the overheated kind.
25th-Sep-2004 10:25 am (UTC)
You may not remember since you weren't drinking beer, but they ran out of beer that day too! None of the beer booths had any left, and all the ugly men were getting uglier by the minute. Looks like it might be good and hot tomorrow, so we'll see. Now, if only I had that leather tuxedo I've been wanting to get all these years..
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