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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
quick update 
2nd-Sep-2004 11:06 am
I'm in LA for work for a couple days. Good timing, as yesterday was my niece's birthday. She just moved here for college, so I was able to have a birthday dinner with her and my dad & stepmom. I got her an iPod for a present, and she nearly flipped she loved it so much.

It's really too hot down here. I'm looking forward to returning to mild SF tonight. Speaking of tonight, I have a date for a drink with a nice boy after I fly in. Then I have to drive out to the airport and pick up that hot NYC boy who was out here for Memorial Day. He's coming back to visit for the weekend. I would have canceled the date with the other boy, but NYC boy doesn't get in until pretty late, and this guy and I have been trying to find time to go out since MAY. Really. Our schedules are that incompatible. So who knows when we'll get another chance. Anyway, it will be fun to have NYC boy here for the weekend. And he leaves late Sunday night, so I'll have Monday to recover :-)

I haven't been doing LJ much of late, as I've been distracted by Second Life. It's pretty cool, almost a new art form with the ability to create 3D objects just by editing them up using in-world tools. I've made some very cool stuff already.

Oh yeah, it's kind of nice having the place all to myself again. I sort of miss having kuteluvr around, but on the other hand I enjoy the solitude and privacy. I'm so burned out on getting adjusted to someone new living with me, I have no energy for finding a new roommate right away. I'll give it a little time and see what I want to do.

Now, back to work! *waves bye*
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