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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
do-it-yourself arms 
12th-Aug-2004 11:13 am
I stopped going to the gym for weight training a few year ago. It didn't work with my schedule and the trainer was expensive and all that lifting wasn't good for my back. I find yoga much more compatible with my body's needs and my lifestyle, and I don't miss the gym very much (except for the eye candy, of course). What I do miss is the big arms. Yoga is great for legs, torso, shoulders, etc., but doesn't have much to offer for bicep/tricep development. Unless you do a LOT of forearm stands, but my shoulders usually give out first...

I figure I don't need to go back to a full gym to work on my arms. I just need a good dumbbell set that I can use here at home. I know all the exercises already - curls, bent standing rows, etc. I think 15 or 20 minutes a day (on top of my current yoga program) and I'll be ready for a new round of tank tops!

I've seen some nifty-looking nesting sets that are sold online, but I'm one of those shoppers that really wants to check out a new item in person before purchasing, especially when it costs a couple hundred dollars. I'm looking for something that doesn't take up a lot of space (nesting is good) and covers at least 10-40 lbs.

Do any of my studly friends have a recommendation for a good dumbbell set for here at home?
12th-Aug-2004 11:22 am (UTC) - Bowflex! :)
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