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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
Thunderbirds Are Go! 
3rd-Aug-2004 04:58 pm
Sunday night navyboy and I wanted to go see a movie, but our timing sucked and the only one we could see was Thunderbirds. He kept making fun of my juvenile taste in movies, but what can I say? I grew up on a steady diet of Godzilla and Ultra Man. I like dorky sci-fi.

Thunderbirds was actually a lot more fun than I'd been expecting. I've only seen a handful of the TV show episodes and that was a while ago, so I'm not a die-hard fan who will be offended by the liberties they took in the adaptation. But from what I recall, it was pretty close. It was sort of a prequel to the TV series. I really enjoyed Ben Kingsley's performance as the villain The Hood, and Lady Penelope was just kick ass as the fabulously genteel secret agent (Right, that's enough losing for today!). The kid leads were pretty good, and kid who played young Alan Tracy is probably going to get postered onto the walls of a lot of teenage girls and boys.

I really had to laugh at the end of the movie when they had the Teen Beat poster shot of the four older Tracy boys lined up in just their swim trunks, just emerged from from the pool and dripping wet. It was so contrived it almost hurt. If they wanted to show shirtless hunks, they could have managed it so many other ways. They did actually slip in a shot of young Alan Tracy in just his boxers, again dripping wet. No one warned me I'd get myself put on the NAMBLA watch list just going to see this movie! If I wanted to see that kind of stuff I'd go watch Voodoo Academy or Flipper on Nick at Night.
3rd-Aug-2004 07:34 pm (UTC)
heh .. cute NYE boy said that we should check it out .. but i'd feel dirty with all the NAMBLA people out front advocating the movie. ;)

we're going to see i, robot tonight i guess. should be fun.
3rd-Aug-2004 11:10 pm (UTC)
You'll like I, Robot. I think Mr. Asimov would like it too. Will Smith naked in the shower - yummy!
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