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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
ok, i was wrong 
19th-Jul-2004 11:28 pm
I know I can sometimes gloat when I'm write ("told ya so"), so to make up for it I like to be a man and admit it when I'm wrong. So here goes.

I was very against Gavin Newsome for mayor. I bought into the line that he was in Getty's pocket, and that he'd be a detriment to the city. Well, so far he's been proving me wrong. I have to admit that his support of gay marriage was courageous and completely generous. It did nothing to advance his political career, though it sure endeared him to the gay community (myself included). He's also been level-headed about dealing with the homeless problem, yet is clearly committed to making progress. It's too soon to say if he's actually doing a good job of managing the city, but it seems he cares more about improving things than Da Mayor Brown did.

So yeah, it's one of those times when I'm happy to be wrong.
20th-Jul-2004 10:59 am (UTC)
Don't forget...

He's also pretty easy on the eyes (Yes, I DO think he's cute...if only he'd do something about that HAIR! Geez! In a city of gay people, you'd think SOMEONE would be able to help him there!).

It's kind of ironic that he was considered the "conservative" mayoral candidate. Of course, Matt Gonzalez has recently gone off the deep end and is now stumping heavily for none other than Ralph Nader. Feh.
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