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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
Happy Bastille Day 
14th-Jul-2004 09:04 am
Happy Bastille Day, and Happy Birthday to Manny Stone! (free cookie prize to first geek to decode that reference, ha!)

I've been sweltering in the muggy Georgian heat this week. I still have to do an entry about my New York adventures last weekend - maybe I'll get that done on the plane home. But I've got the music to Avenue Q stuck in my head on a repeating cycle. At least I have the soundtrack on my iPod to help me unstick it.

Today's going to be a long day - an all-day meeting in which I'll mostly be bored out of my friggin skull, then a flight back to SF that gets me home by about 11pm (equal to 2am my now-local time). At least I did some good work here yesterday. And I had lunch at Mary Mac's, some good home-style southern cookin. Had dinner last night with kissthehippy, and watched Brain Candy on DVD afterward. I'd forgotten how funny that movie is. "This urine is great!"

I'm still plugging away at my AIDS Walk fundraising. If you mean to donate, please get it done by tomorrow to help with the final bookkeeping. Ping me if you need the link.
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