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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
tofu frenzy 
6th-Jul-2004 09:34 pm
I had fun cooking dinner for myself tonight. Since kuteluvr moved in I shifted a lot of my cooking attention to cooking for "us" rather than for just me. Then he got the boyfriend and stuff and we went from cooking a few meals together every week to not much at all anymore. He's also eggplant-phobic and doesn't like spicy stuff, so I can't cook my fave stuff when I'm cooking for him too.

Anyway, tonight's dinner:

Chinese eggplant, sliced into thin coins
baby bok-choy
shitake mushrooms
red bell pepper
green onions
mung bean sprouts
spicy black bean sauce
udon noodles

I did the obvious stir-fry thing, steaming a bit with white wine just because. It turned out great. Mmmmm.

Did I mention I'm working on my "make a good wife" skills this year?
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