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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
great weekend 
28th-Jun-2004 09:42 am
What a great weekend.

Friday. micahblitz came over and we finally got to meet in person. It's always a bit odd meeting someone in the flesh that I've only known online, but the great thing about LiveJournal is how much you can get to know someone from their writing. We've been getting along great, no worries. So we had Thai food and wandered around the Castro and he was all agog at the spectacle of the gayest spot on the planet. We shopped a bit at A Different Light book store, where we got him some books for his mom and I got Strange de Jim's photo history of the Castro. I drove him home to his friend's place in Oakland where he was staying the night.


Lunch with msminpdx at Max's Diner. Yum. Came home to meet redarius and his cute NYE boyfriend, who were staying with me. Did some cleaning around the house while the boys went to hang w some friends. Around 7pm people started showing up for my Pink Saturday pre-party. Micah returned, but my roomie kuteluvr and his bf were nowhere to be seen. msminpdx and salacious_pop showed up. The plan was to walk down to the Castro at 9pm, but at 8:50 I got a call from a friend saying he and 9 other boys were on their way up. So at 9pm a gaggle of cute boys showed up, and we didn't end up leaving until 9:30 or so. On the walk down to the street party we passed pegasussf helping friends park.

Then things got a little vague :-)

I'd picked up a hip flask that afternoon and filled it up with J.D. Well, that was fun. Anyway, the street party was good fun. micahblitz, redarius, cute NYE boy and I made a fun group, and we kept running into people we knew, as well as meeting a few new people. There weren't any good window shows like last year, but oh well. We eventually came home, fairly early at that. Got to bed at a reasonable hour, so waking up hungover at 9am wasn't that tragic for our day.


redarius and cute NYE boy dragged us out of bed. We all got our shit together, walked a block to a small cafe to have brunch, then came home and cleaned up. We actually left the house before noon to go to the parade. The weather was just perfect. It was a bit breezy and cool to start with, but it warmed up nicely and Civic Center was great. I haven't seen so nice a day for pride in almost ten years.

We took the underground to Powell St and walked back along the parade route to Civic Center and the festival grounds. Typical pride stuff. Wander, oogle cute guys, admire the amazing outfits, blanche at the horrid fashion violations and people who really need to cover up, run into old friends, and keep seeing the same cute guys over and over. This year it seemed that the all cutest boys were straight - when davidology rules the world, he must do something about that.

redarius and bf went off to meet friends around 2pm. Micah and I hung out till around 4pm, saw a bit of Margaret Cho, then met up with his friend he'd been staying with in Oakland, and her very cute "straight" friend who was showing off his big gay body and tugging down his shorts so we could see his undies. He told me "I'm very straight, I just like doing gay stuff like shopping." I said, "That's good enough for us. Sucking cock really only takes up about two hours of your day, so you're about 90% gay." Hmm, it seemed more amusing at the time.

We came home and napped for a bit, then went out to get dinner and see Fahrenheit 9/11. We had an easy time getting a table at Buca de Beppo, but ran out of karma and weren't able to get in to see F911. Instead we saw Saved, which was just the perfect movie to see to wind up the day - it was funny and charming and very gay-positive.

Monday. Micah is sleeping in. The poor boy doesn't know how to pace himself =) Later we'll got see a matinee of F911, do some shopping, maybe go to Kabuki spa if we have time. Now I think I'll go whip up some breakfast before I wake him up.
28th-Jun-2004 11:53 am (UTC)
Sorry 'bout that... after going to the Gulch/BelAmi/Colt thing and then having a few drinks at the cafe, then the bar, then meeting the chick, well... we were kinda drunk off of our asses already and honestly didn't think about ANY parties we had actually planned on attenting... but it WAS pink saturday... I mean... plans are made to ignore, ya know? :)
28th-Jun-2004 11:27 pm (UTC)
so it is written, so it shall be done.

29th-Jun-2004 06:16 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a really fun weekend. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the weekend and were in such excellent company!
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