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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
imaginary disaster 
14th-Jun-2004 09:18 am
I haven't had a good disaster dream in a while. Last night's was odd and unsatisfying.

Random unmemorable dream, then a sonic boom caught my attention. I looked up to see a jumbo jet decelerating from above the sound barrier, preparing to land at SFO. It started to do some odd maneuvers, banking around for the right approach. That's odd, because planes line up for a straight-line approach from miles away. My dreamworld "this has to make sense" power retconned the dream so that the jumbo jet landing turned into a space shuttle launch gone awry. I could clearly see the shuttle flailing about in mid-air, trying to recover from some kind of accident or malfunction. I had an immediate adrenaline reaction. I figured "this could be important", and grabbed my digital elph to take some pictures for the inevitable investigation. But I couldn't get the damn camera to work, and stood there fumbling with it while watching the shuttle separate from the external fuel tank and rocket boosters. I could see the two pieces come around at each other and nearly miss colliding by mere inches (I have great eyesight in this dream). They can't get away from each other, like there's a gravitational field pulling them together. I can't bear it, so I wake up to avoid the fireball.
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