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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
closets are for clothes 
14th-Jun-2004 12:20 am
June in San Francisco. Sunny, clear, and in the 70s here in the Castro. Beautiful day for bopping around. But my strange psychic powers (and strategically placed internet spy cams) told me the weather at the beach would suck. So I opted to do something useful.

As I have been threatening to do, I cleaned out my closet. I haven't done a good "toss out the old clothes and organize the rest" since I moved in about five years ago. It really wasn't that bad though. I had done the shoes a couple weeks ago, so all I had to deal with was the clothes. I tackled it in spurts, while doing laundry and other stuff. I even managed to go out for dinner with a friend, call family, watch episodes of QAF and Buffy on tivo, and work on updating msminpdx's web site. But the results were good.

Now my closet is about 90% organized. I need to go get some storage boxes for the odd bits of stuff that want to live on the top shelves, and a belt hanger, and something for the hats and caps. But the pants and shirts and jackets are all happy. The winters sweaters have been stowed on the high-latency access top shelf. I even cleaned out a couple drawers, and found I have enough room to keep most of my t-shirts. I'm a bit worried that I'll mess everything up while rushing to get dressed or put stuff away, but at least I have a good baseline.

I also now have a bunch of old clothes to donate. This week I'll take them to Out of the Closet over on Church and let them go meet other cast off clothing. It's nice to have a decent charity to donate clothes to, instead of some facist xian thing.

Next up, I finish the drawers. Then I make all the messy papers go away. At this rate everything will look good by the time the houseguests get here for Pride.
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