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my big book of little catastrophes
I ate WHAT?
find the fish! 
3rd-May-2004 08:43 pm
kuteluvr as roommate is definitely a good news/bad news kind of thing. This week the good/bad news is the yummy rice krispy treats making me fat, and the hours I'm spending getting all into the new aquarium. The whole fish tank thing is so cool. I like the problem solving aspect of it, and how it's like an underwater Zen garden. And you have to be patient with it, and coax it into the shape you want, rather than just forcing it now dammit. It's also just darn pretty.

I was looking on www.cichlids.com at some other peoples tanks, and ours really kicks ass compared to some of the pictures people put up there. Soon as I get my new digicam I'll post some pix.

In the mean time, I'm watching the lonely betta (siamese fighting fish) get used to his new home. Poor little guy, he's probably been in a cupful of water for his whole life, never seen a plant or a rock even. Suddenly he's in a 65 gallon tank, full of plants and rocks and sticks and little snails. He was in shock for the first day, but he's starting to get used to it. At first he was so weak from not having any room to swim around that he couldn't fight the meager current of the water circulation. Now he's getting used to it, and zipping all over the tank exploring. He spends most of his time in back by the filter pipes, but sometimes he comes out to play. Just now he was poking around in the grasses, and before that he was in the rock cave with just his widdle head peeking out. He seems to like swimming into the current, perhaps for the exercise. I think he's trying to get all buffed out for the lady bettas.
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